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Loyalty Song

Three Cheers and Rah for Chillicothe!
For C.H.S. our feet has led,
With Banners flying onward,
Here is to old Black and Red.

It's Chillicothe, It's Chillicothe
It is the school we love so well.
So raise your voices,
And wave your banners
For now 'tis C.H.S. we cheer.


It is our loyalty we give her,
To us she gives the rule
Of truth, and honor, and high thought,
This C.H.S. our school.

Now come on, old grad
'Twill make your heart glad
To cheer again our good old school.

We'll give a long, loud cheer
For C.H.S.
And rah for Chillicothe High.

When the high school was dedicated in 1925, it replaced one that was
constructed in 1900 for $25,000 and later added on to for $33,000. The 1925
high school building, which is still in use today and will be used as a middle
school starting this year, was built for $300,000. It was fireproof and
constructed of stone, steel, hollow tile, brick, and reinforced concrete. The
building, with construction supervised by then local architect, R. Warren
Roberts, featured 76 rooms and 19 miles of electric wire for lighting and power



Class Officers
  • Vernon Day, President
  • Ina May Breeden, Sec-Treas.
  • Larry James, Vice President
  • Miss Wall, Sponsor
Homecoming Queen Peggy Austin
Cresset Queen Pat Dowell
Cresset King Ray Jeffries

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Class Officers
  • Donald May, President
  • Ronald Ward, V.P.
  • John Mann, Sec-Treas.
  • Donna Coleman, Student Council
  • Craig Johnston, Student Council
  • Ray Jeffries, Student Council
  • Ms. Wall and Mr. Freeman, Sponsors
Cresset Queen Minetta McCullough
Cresset King Leon Losh
  • Arvain Reese
  • Brock Smith
  • Ronald Mann
  • Dottie McQueen
  • Sally Way
  • Pat Dowell
  • Barbara Berger

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Class Officers
  • Jerry Solomon, President
  • Roy Yeomans, V.P.
  • Joe Walker, Sec-Treas.
  • Ms. Wall & Mr. Freeman, Sponsors
Homecoming Queen Dora Ann Hill
Cresset Queen Darlene Phillips
Cresset King Dale Cramer

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Class Officers
  • Ronald O'Dell, President
  • Robert Walz, V.P.
  • Ermilou Hopper, Sec-Treas.
  • Ms. Wall & Mr. Nyberg, Sponsors
Homecoming Queen Ethelyn Canterbury
Cresset Queen Virginia Troeger
Cresset King Larry Plumb

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